Why ? Oh why ?

My long term goal is to be financially free, not having to work to live… And on my way, I want to help people achieve this objective too.

And I’m doing it the snail way… slowly, very slowly, but surely (ok, the turtle way would work too but snail are way more tasty with enough butter)

I’m reading lot of personal finance blog, but it seems that the majority of them have a very USA centric view. So I also want to bring a more european view on this world of finance. So, you won’t find lot of discussion about 401k or Roth IRA,… But a bit more of taxes, social security and differences between country.

I’m a French who lived in France & Germany but now settled down in the tiny & rainy Belgium. My wife is Ukrainian (born when it was still the USSR) so she has also a different culture regarding finance. And we have a little angel, a 2 year old girl who enjoy trying to rearrange the flat in her personal way (called the hurricane style)

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