Bike Vs Car (and other transportation analysis)

1400kg/3000lbs of German technology versus 20kg/45lbs bike
car versus bike

The idea of this post came after realizing that on the same distance, if I was running I would be home half dead while after biking I didn’t even feel the need of stretching. So I decided to compare the efficiency of running & biking.
After that I asked myself, what about the car ? Bus ? Train ? Plane ?
What is the difference on short distance & long distance ?

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Gizmo upgrade

Phone ? Laptop ?
When you see colleagues & friends getting newer and “cooler” devices, it’s hard not to be tempted to upgrade yours too.
Is it a smart move ? In 94.72 % of case : NO !

I’m often thinking about this topic as I’m working in IT and I’m bombarded by advertisement about cool phone, amazing laptop, not-to-miss software !!! Being a bit geeky, I’m often tempted… But in the last few years I resisted well. My phone (a 4 year old HTC hero) is still surviving despite the abuse of my daughter throwing it on the floor or biting it. I used a donated laptop for 3 years and when I got in the mood of replacing it, I just bought a SSD hard drive for 80€ (it became even faster than my brand new corporate laptop :))

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Run forrest ! Run ! (or How to create a running habit)


Seeing the nature and a beautiful swan while jogging, isn’t it nice ? Yeah… But jogging can get so boring… Or it rain, or I’m tired… So many excuses not to go out & exercise !

Sadly for most of us, using the path of least effort is the 1st option that come to mind. To counter that, we can make willing decision, or we can use some habit (not to have to think about it). By default, we build bad habits (a little snack, oversleeping a bit, postponing a project to later…). But it’s NOT hard to build good habits, it just require a conscious effort & some tricks

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