Bike Vs Car (and other transportation analysis)

1400kg/3000lbs of German technology versus 20kg/45lbs bike
car versus bike

The idea of this post came after realizing that on the same distance, if I was running I would be home half dead while after biking I didn’t even feel the need of stretching. So I decided to compare the efficiency of running & biking.
After that I asked myself, what about the car ? Bus ? Train ? Plane ?
What is the difference on short distance & long distance ?

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Budgeting basics

graph revenue expense

  • How long can I survive without salary ? (sickness, layoff,…)
  • Can I buy this house ? How long will I need to pay it ?
  • How much will this phone plan cost me ?

We all want to put our money where our mind is… Budgeting is the way to make it happen. If you have no clue where your money is going, how can you make plan for the future ? How can you buy what you need/want ? Can you handle any crisis that Life will throw at you ?

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