Gizmo upgrade

Phone ? Laptop ?
When you see colleagues & friends getting newer and “cooler” devices, it’s hard not to be tempted to upgrade yours too.
Is it a smart move ? In 94.72 % of case : NO !

I’m often thinking about this topic as I’m working in IT and I’m bombarded by advertisement about cool phone, amazing laptop, not-to-miss software !!! Being a bit geeky, I’m often tempted… But in the last few years I resisted well. My phone (a 4 year old HTC hero) is still surviving despite the abuse of my daughter throwing it on the floor or biting it. I used a donated laptop for 3 years and when I got in the mood of replacing it, I just bought a SSD hard drive for 80€ (it became even faster than my brand new corporate laptop :))

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