Cheap company car ?


Through my work I’m getting a new car every 4 years, gas/insurance/maintenances are paid. And for all this, I’m paying 140€ per month. Is it such a good deal ?

The main point is that how much I’m driving doesn’t matter, my contribution to the car cost is always 140€.
And to that I should add the parking : 80€ per month (it’s inside the building). So 220€ per month

What is the usage the car ?

  • I have this car for 10 months and it’s at 15.000km so around 1500km per month (900 miles per month). The gas usage is between 5.5 L/100km (40 mpg). So I got a theorical gas cost at 120€ per month

  • This car on a 4 year leasing would be around 400/450€

  • Yearly insurance 350€

Which would make a total of 550€ per month
Compared with the 140€ monthly contribution, I’m getting a good deal for driving a this new car.

What would it cost to use my own car ?

According to a magical car usage calculator, my monthly cost would be between 250 & 300€ for a similar usage with an used (smaller) car. By stretching the use, I could be at 200€ per month.
Still not worth discarding my company car to handle it myself (and adding the stress of maintenance, buying/selling, insurance, winter/summer tire change…)

Alternative scenario

What about no car :)
I have a bike (in fact, used to, it got stolen a couple weeks ago).
So instead of 2600€ per year of car

  • I would have to get a bike, lock (150€ at worst, or fixing an old bike)

  • A monthly public transit pass for my wife (for now I dropped whenever I go to office and she buy single way ticket when I’m home working) so 30€ per month more

  • Maybe a few taxi or delivery for getting bulky items/furniture 100€

Total of 600€ instead of 2600€, that’s a nice 2000€ saving per year

What would it imply ?

  • Being more local

  • Doing more sport (I guess loosing weight & keeping fit would be much easier)

  • Using more public transport (having less risks of car accident too)

  • Get-away trip to Paris, Amsterdam or Germany wouldn’t be free anymore. But with Eurolines or Megabus it would still be possible for around 100€ the trip

  • Camping trip would become different, by bike, closer and probably lighter

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