Expatriation : the Move !

This post is part of a series describing an expatriation from Belgium to Ukraine. The goal of this series is to demystify the expatriation, tell our story and all the challenges we faced.

We took the decision, compared expected life costs, compared moving cost and now we are hitting the road !

Warning ! Warning ! Change of plan !

In the maelstrom of the move preparation, I forget a little but important detail… My driving license validity ! Since I only drove in Europe for the last 10 years, I got used that I can use my French driving license in any country without any issue… Out of EU you need an “international driving license” ! A week before the move, we had to reset our plan. The 2nd most cost efficient move was by plane but with much less space… So the TV had to go as well with most of cooking tools & anything a bit bulky.

When your life need to fit in 6 luggage

We had to make lot of hard choice, sell and donate in emergency lot stuff. We also sent a handful of big boxes to my family in France (shipping within Europe is cheap, 25$ for a 25 kg crate). We will get it little by little when we visit family there.
We ended up with mountains of clothes (in vacuum bags which are insane space savers), the most important documents, some child toys and a couple laptop. Can you imagine having to leave your house forever and being allowed only 3 luggage per person ? It makes you think very carefully about what is really important in your life…

Sales frustration

It’s very annoying to sell things super cheap & have people still negotiating for a few dollars when they are already saving hundreds. And the most dirty trick is people “booking” something, then the day to pick it up show up and say “oh sorry I don’t have enough cash, I have 10$ less than what we agreed on” (it happened 3 times out of a dozen sales). When you just have a few days before leaving and a million other things to do it’s hard to put it back to sell. It got to the point that we decided to stop selling some stuff & donated it instead. We saved time & stress (which was very valuable at this time)

Did you move recently ? Did you have any cool adventure ?

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