Unlimited Gym membership for free !

All started when I was considering to get a membership in a gym nearby… Then I found an unlimited free one.

Why NOT to pay for Gym Membership

  • Running : I’m wondering if there can be something looking more ridiculous than paying to have the right to run on a machine, not moving at all… (ok, maybe driving a car to go to a gym to run on a threadmill is the top)
  • Steppers: yeah, finding real stairs is very complicated…
  • Biking: same as running, why to stay in one spot when you can enjoy the scenery of a park or nice road
  • Abdo, push-up, squat : your living room, garden or the park nearby are eventually as good place as an air-conditioned gym full of sweaty people

Why to pay for Gym Membership

  • Zumba, yoga, pilates, fitness… If you enjoy a big diversity of activities then it can be worth it.
  • Weight lifting : I don’t do that, but having proper equipment is less dangerous than carrying random rocks around :)

The cheapest gym in the world

if you want to get/stay fit without your wallet becoming thinner too, the solution is pretty simple : DON’T PAY. You can walk, run, bike, do push-up & squat without paying anything (and with a very low starting cost). Use the parks, road around your house (and lake or seaside if you are very lucky). As a bonus you will get fresh air, maybe discover your surroundings, find new places.

My sport for September (for 9€)

  • 6h running in the park nearby
  • 3h biking (a bit to bring my daughter to daycare, few trip to the shop and a long sightseeing trip)
  • 1h swimming (4€ for 2 entry and 5€ for a swimhat)

That’s 10 hours of sport for very little cost and not so much effort: I’m running around 30 min in the morning, biking is less than 20 min (except when I’m going for a nice tour on weekend). The hardest part is to make a habit to change little by little.
I’m only going to shop by bike instead of car (the only exception is once a month to buy laundry products & big bag of potatoe). Not so much because of gas price (as I have a company car I don’t pay it directly, but it’s taking the same time & it’s healthier). I’m also mostly going to drop my daughter at daycare by bike instead of by car because it’s faster & more reliable (it takes me exactly 8 minutes to go there whatever the traffic condition while by car is between 5 and 15 minutes).
And instead of watching the news during my lunch break when I’m homeworking, it’s a much nicer break to go swimming

What is your take on gym membership ? Is it worth it ? Does it motivate you to make more sport ?

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