Can you “over-sport” your overeating ?

What is the best way to lose weight ? Doing more sport ? Eating less ?
Can you compensate overeating with “over-sporting” ?

How much do you lose by doing sport ?

There is lot of different school of thinking when it come to the best method to lose weight. Does it matter really ? Not for me :) As long as you move your body, you will use energy. For example on the last 3 months, my sport account to 6.000 to 7.500 calories for 8 to 11 hours of sport (mostly running and a bit of biking)
So let’s extrapolate to “over-sporting” !

  • 1h per day : 800 calories
  • 2h per day : 1.600 calories
  • 3h per day : 2.400 calories
  • 4h per day : 3.000 calories
  • 5h per day : 3.800 calories

Quite impressive numbers ! But by doing nothing at home, you also use around 1.500-2.500 calories… The basal metabolism (how much the body is using as energy doing nothing) can vary quite a lot depending on people. That’s the one of the reason for these “people who eat constantly and never become fat”

How much you put in by eating ?

You can have a look at what 200 calories look like.

  • A bagel with turkey, a bit of sauce and salad, your 1 hour of sport is gone !
  • A large fries, glass of cola, a cheeseburger and a muffin : a cheap 2 hours of sports…
  • Maybe you are more in breakfast mood: cereals with milk, a doughnut, slices of bread with peanut butter. Also 2 hours of sport.
  • A bit of snacking, 2 snickers, 2 can of soda and a little pack of chips : 2 hours of sport needed

As you see it’s very very easy to eat faster than you can spend and there is no way to “over-sport” any overeating or even snacking…

What is your preferred way to lose weight ? Eating less or doing more sport ?


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4 thoughts on “Can you “over-sport” your overeating ?

    • Managing both is the best way… But it’s not so easy :)
      I also grew up doing lot of sport, and sadly I kept the habit of eating a gigantic plate of pasta with a mountain of cheese on it. Which is fine when you are a teenager doing 12h of sport per week… Not so much when doing 3h sport per week

    • it’s a good method, my grandfather also stopped eating at all on evening and he lost most of his overweight… But the older you get the easier it is not to eat 😉

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