Running update February

Here is the February update of my attempt to create a running habit.
Previous update: fast September & disappointing October & strong November & Great December & Good January

Easy ? So-so ? Hard ?

This month was good. I managed to run regularly with a few misses. I don’t have any issue with pain or difficulties while running (except my own laziness). It’s a pity I didn’t do better than December, it was so close (1 run more would have been enough). I couldn’t really keep the objective of running every 2 days.

  • the Good : when I’m running, I’m running well
  • the Bad : damned laziness hitting me sometimes

Other sports

  • Biking : a bit more than 3h of bike, could be better but I’m improving from last month… (50% increase ;))

Results of the month



I will (again) try to beat my record of distance of December

  • Running : run every 2 days without any exception !
    • Weeks : do more than 28 km / 17 miles a week
    • Month : an ambitious distance of 110 km / 70 miles
  • Biking: 6 hours of biking, I will try to go once per week to my russian class by bike (both way, it adds up to 1h)


Nothing, Nada, Rien

Lessons learnt

It’s very easy to make a habit slip, one morning I’m too tired, one morning I have a early meeting… And bam half of the week is gone without running

Are your New Year resolution still strong ?

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