Running update January

Here is the January update of my attempt to create a running habit.
Previous update: fast September & disappointing October & strong November & Great December

Easy ? So-so ? Hard ?

This month was not bad. I managed to run regularly except during the week of ski (and few days after). I don’t have any issue with pain or difficulties while running

  • the Good : I’m handling my usual morning run without issue
  • the Bad : after missing a week I got a bit slower

Other sports

  • Biking : a bit more than 2h of bike, could be better…

Results of the month



With an empty February coming, I will try to beat my record of distance of December

  • Running : run every 2 days without any exception !
    • Weeks : do more than 28 km / 17 miles a week
    • Month : a super ambitious distance of 120 km / 75 miles
  • Biking: 6 hours of biking, except bringing the little tornado to daycare, I will try to do 1 bike trip per week in the nearby park/forest


30 euros. Some ski stuff (headgear, wool socks)

Lessons learnt

Running is helping for other sports… For the first time in a very very long time, I didn’t get any pain while skiing for a full week.

How do you keep up with your “sport” New Year resolution ?

3 thoughts on “Running update January

  1. Wow this is very good going! Where do you track all your stats… is there an App that puts them into the table format about or did you have to copy that all over manually?

    I ran (at least) 1 mile a day in January so ended up doing about 35 miles. Probably on course for around 40 in Feb but have flipped from running every day to doing much longer runs twice a week or so. Much prefer the longer runs with the rest days in between!

  2. I’m just doing a copy/paste from my runkeeper stats, it’s a pretty convenient website (I even took a 20$ a year subscription) even if now they are having lot of issues…

    I also tried to run everyday, but my body couldn’t follow… I’m now running every 2 days for 6 miles (at 5am so the park is usually empty except dozens of rabbits and a few swan)

    • Thanks, I’ll take a look at runkeeper!

      Yea I agree about the running every day, I don’t think it’s sustainable. Every other day or every 2-3 days seems like the best balance for me. Rabbits and swans in the park sounds sublime my friend! :)

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