Running update July

Here is the July update of my attempt to create a running habit.
I had a long break from sport, my last update was in February. In the mean time, I had a wedding and a move to another country !

Easy ? So-so ? Hard ?

In fact I ran only 1 time in the month, but I did a lot of biking, as I’m bringing my daughter to school by bike. So I’m doing free sport ! On top of this, I also went for a boat trip… I said boat, I meant rowing trip of 2 hours, it was nice but challenging

  • the Good : I’m biking a lot and it’s not even “using” time as it’s part of daily routine
  • the Bad : I need to find time for real running

Results of the month (biking)

biking staistics


My main objective is to restart running while keeping my biking strong.

  • Running : run 3 times a week
    • Weekly : more than 15 km / 9 miles a week
    • Month : a total of 50 km / 30 miles
  • Biking: 110 km / 70 miles for the month


30-40$ for 2 bike lock & a pump (that I had to buy after the move)

Lessons learnt

It’s very easy to do sport when it’s part of a habit (like bringing child to school). It’s also very easy to stop doing any sport :(

How do you do when you want to restart sport ?

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