Running update October

Here is the October update of my attempt to create a running habit.

Easy ? So-so ? Hard ?

Hard is the way to describe this month. I didn’t managed to keep my motivation and a few times legs were too much in pain to be able to run.

It looks like a pretty bad trend for most of the month…

  • the Good : I have managed to reach some good speed. I also did a long run without too much issue
  • the Bad : I skipped too many days…

Other sports

  • Biking : I did around 4h of bike in the month. I didn’t reach my target of 6h but it’s not out of reach
  • Swimming : Just 2 times swimming this month, could do better

Results of the month



  • Running : I will try to run at least 3 times a week (less than my first idea of 4 times. For now it seems my body can’t really keep up)
    • Record : I’m below 5 min/km – 8 min/mile. So I will now focus on distance/time and aim for a few 5km run
    • Weeks : I will try to do 15 km / 9 miles a week
    • Month : also a focus on total distance 60 km / 37 miles, I did it in September so I need to do it again
  • Biking : 6 hours of biking
  • Swimming : 3h swimming (ideally as 4 times 45 min). It’s hard to do only with lunch time (as work get in the way sometimes). So maybe going on weekend is a solution


0 euros Nothing bought this month

Lessons learnt

Staying motivated is hard & overdoing is not good… I pushed myself too much and focused on the speed mostly. I ended being too often in pain & missing most of my goals while loosing motivation.

Are you managing to stay in sport mood ? How do you motivate yourself when the weather is awful or you have pain ?

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