Wardrobe Uncluttering

If this picture looks familiar when you think of finding something to wear, don’t get desperate… There are solutions !!!
  • Can you find the clothes you want in a few seconds ?
  • Do you really know which clothes you have ?

If you have replied NO to any of the question, you should continue reading !

My wardrobe used to be a mess…I was always wearing the same few tee shirts (which happens to be the only one reachable). I couldn’t find anything (and I had no clue what was there anyway)
And it was used as a storage place for random stuff !
Is it a curse ?? Is there any way out ?
Luckily yes :) you just need to rearrange your wardrobe
What is the Goal
  • Get rid of clothes I won’t wear (not my style anymore or too big/small/outdated)
  • Test which clothes I can now wear after having lost/gain some weight
  • Remove all Stuff which should be somewhere else
  • Bring Order to Chaos (Ordnung muss sein ! As our german friends would say)
It is very simple and it take much less time than you would expect
First, prepare a few zone on the floor/bed where you will put the clothes after testing them
  • To give away and/or trash
  • Formal clothes (whatever you could use to go to work or on a date)
  • Home clothes (that can be used for gardening or when you don’t expect any guest at home)
  • Not fitting… YET !!  It’s the most important category, it’s a bunch of gifts you will give to the future you if you manage to reach your fitness objectives
  1. Pick something :)
  2. If you are not sure you fit in it, try it
  3. Put on the appropriate stack
  4. Repeat until the wardrobe is empty
Don’t hesitate to ask the help of someone with a critical mind (read wife/husband/…) who will help to decide what stay and what doesn’t…
Once done, you know how much clothes you have, it will be very easy to rearrange in a logical manner.
Results (or my Return On Investment for 1h of work)
  • It was very fun to do, trying, finding “new” clothes
  • I found out around 300€ of “new clothes” : a dozen shirts, 5/6 new tee shirts, 2 jeans, 6 jeans with holes that need to be repaired
  • The feeling when opening the wardrobe now is great, it looks neat, organized, I can pick up a set of clothes in a few seconds
  • It’s easy to keep it arranged
  • I have an additional motivation to get more fit as I know I have a bag of “new but too tight” clothes waiting for me (a few kg less and it will be jackpot)

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